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FreeArc is free for both commercial and non-commercial users. You may support its development by making a donation or paying for the support.

FreeArc 0.70 – coming soon!

FreeArc 0.666 (May 20, 2010) – what’s new?

Bundle Size
Windows installer
download (7.5 MB)
Portable Windows package
download (10.9 MB)
Command-line Windows package
download (1.8 MB)
Linux: generic binary package (x86)
download (4.2 MB)
Source code package
download (972.2 KB)
Add-on: FreeArc PowerPack (standard set of external compressors)
download (8.2 MB)
Additional translations for FreeArc 0.666
Third-party GUIs for FreeArc archives
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